Development Videos

9/16/20 Impact of Pre-grading on Valley Fever

7/15/20  Potential pre-grading of EEZ & Commercial properties

7/15/20 Vice Mayor Barrett on pre-grading

7/2/20  Destroying Big Wash – Guest video

6/30/20  Solomon & Rodman support Annexation of State Land

5/5/20 Lax enforcement of Rancho Vistoso PAD

4/30/20 Applicant for Romspen General Plan Amendment delivers warning to Vistoso Golf neighborhood

2/26/20 Proposed Beztak Apartments – Community Impacts 

2/26/20 Proposed Beztak apartments – Community concerns

1/9/20  Grazing in Stone Canyon VII

1/8/20 Marathon Study Session on Proposed Zoning Code Amendments

1/8/20 Vice Mayor Barrett advocates for public notification of Zoning Code Amendments 

1/8/20 Councilman Solomon on EEZ Code Amendments

1/8/20 Councilmember Nicolson questions if incentives are needed to attract businesses to Oro Valley

7/9/19 Part 2 – Neighbors cry foul: Claim OV misinterpreted rural residential zoning code for the Ark

7/9/19 Part 1 – Neighbors cry foul: Claim OV misinterpreted rural residential zoning code for the Ark

5/15/19 Mayor explains his vote on OV Town Centre PAD rezoning

3/6/19 Residents oppose OV Town Centre rezoning 

2/7/19 Cresta Morado Over building water supply  

2/7/19 Neighbors stand firm in opposition to Cresta Morado 

2/5/19 No to density  

1/8/19 The Good, the Bad & the Ugly in Oro Valley  

11/15/18 Cresta Morado Design  

11/8/18 Ford Innovation Park/RVB Economic Expansion Zone (EEZ) 

11/1/18 OV Town Centre Rezoning 

10/23/18 Cresta Morado Water  

10/23/18 Cresta Morado Park  

10/11/18 Ford Innovation Park/RVB – Fib Planning & Zoning 

10/9/18 Big Wash     

9/9/18 Ford Innovation Park/RVB General Plan Amendment (GPA)

8/8/18 Blading in OV – multiple projects 

6/19/18 Blading 1st Avenue, Oro Valley  

6/11/18 Miller Ranch Pleas 

5/29/18 Cresta Morado – Como Drive    

5/15/18 This is Capella        

5/8/18 How the lock-step OV Council hyper-developed Oro Valley   

4/29/18 Miller Ranch – Bait & Switch   

4/26/18 Why we don’t live in Oro Valley anymore 

4/9/18 Bill Rodman does About-face on Rezoning Beliefs    

4/3/18 Saguaro Viejos False Information  

2/26/18 Cresta Morado Part 1 Wells & Water rights

2/26/18 Cresta Morado Part 2 It’s all about money

2/26/2018 Cresta Morado Part 3 Play by the Rules 

12/14/17 NO More Apartments 

11/29/17 Big Wash

3/5/17 OV Town Council approves non-conforming project