Annexation is the process by which municipalities incorporate new territory into their municipal boundaries. 

In addition to benefits to local businesses, annexation may bring additional services and public funds to invest in the community. Potential additional revenues include sales tax, bed tax, and a portion of state-shared revenues, such as state income tax, highway user revenue, vehicle license tax and state sales tax. These additional revenues should

ensure services, such as police, parks & recreation and transportation, are continued at current or improved levels of service.


On February 5, 2003, the Town Council adopted a policy that updated the established guidelines for future annexations to ensure they are logical, practical, financially feasible, and in the best interest of the Town.


An updated Annexation Strategy was approved by Council July 15, 2020. The Strategy will be reviewed every five years.




The Town was originally incorporated in 1974 with a small 2.4 square mile area, and through a series of annexations since then, has resulted in the community that exists today. All but three of the 20 subsequent annexations since incorporation have been less than three square miles, 12 of which were less than one square mile. The largest annexation incorporated nearly 13 square miles, an area that includes most of the Rancho Vistoso planned area development.




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