Who We Are

We created TakebackOV.com in 2017 to speak for the residents of Oro Valley; to Take Back the influence of developer donations on councilmembers
and put control back into the hands of the residents.  After all, we are at the top of the Town’s Organizational chart.

Why did we feel it was important to provide a voice for the residents?  Because in 2017, Oro Valley’s seven council members were simply out of touch with the community. This video illustrates the reason for our motivation.

The good news: We elected a new Mayor and three new council members in August 2018.  They are listening and working to meet the needs of the community.

The blading for small lot developments was obvious during the 2018 election and the El Con Golf losses continued to increase.  So in August, we elected a new Mayor and three new councilmembers to weaken developer influence and reduce golf losses.  Council holdovers Steve Solomon, Bill Rodman and Rhonda Pina (recipients of large donations from developers and special interests in 2016) sought to maintain the Hiremath agenda to keep 36 holes of golf and thwart the desires of the community to maintain a “small town feel.” 

So our work didn’t stop in 2018.  It grew. We continue to monitor what’s happening in the town.  Our site retains the history on key issues in OV politics. We provide daily updates on Facebook.  And we continually add clips from actual council meetings to our video library. 

Now the 2020 election process has begun with some COVID-19 restrictions and concerns still in place, making it difficult for new candidates to reach the voters.  Challenger candidates Garner, Bohen and Greene all have websites and Facebook pages so you can become informed.  Incumbents Solomon and Rodman are running for re-election; Pina is running for Pima County Supervisor. 

It’s time to defeat developer interests and elect candidates that will represent the residents of this town and work for the good of the community.  Let’s FINISH THE JOB in 2020.  

Excellent News!
Mayor Winfield’s, Vice Mayor Barrett’s, and Councilmember
Jones-Ivey’s endorsements of Tim Bohen and Bill Garner
are a big win for Oro Valley.

Hiremath and 3 other developer-supported council members
lost their bid for re-election in 2018. ​ Click Here to see some of
the damage for which that town council is responsible. 

This video is an aerial view of the destruction of Big Wash that resulted from a unanimous vote of the Hiremath Council to approve a General Plan Amendment & Rezoning on December 6, 2017.

The last holdovers ​from that town council are currently running for re-election.  In addition to campaign signs, OV streets are now dotted with signs purchased by local citizen groups supporting & opposing the various Council candidates.

Electing Bohen and Garner will finally get Oro Valley back on the track to  RESPONSIBLE town management.

Here are more videos on the 2020 election.

The 2020 election for Oro Valley Town Council is an opportunity for Oro Valley voters to elect 2 council candidates who are in it to represent you, the voters.

It also affords us an opportunity to vote out the last 2 holdovers from the Hiremath regime –  council members who have shown us, time and time again, that the residents’ concerns are not their concerns. More specifically, these current council members have shown an allegiance to developers from day 1.

Mail-in ballots go out July 8, and election day for poll voters is Aug 4.

More information to help you make an educated decision:


Oro Valley Podcast host Jim Horn held a short “Meet and Greet the Candidates” zoom session on 6/25/20

Sun City held a Candidate Forum via Zoom on 6/30/20

View some history with the current council members who are running for re-election here.

To summarize: 

Bill Garner and Tim Bohen are running to bring a resident-centric interest to the council.

Incumbents Steve Solomon and Bill Rodman are running to bring more of the same developer-focused interest.
Dr. “Mo Golf” Greene is tagging along on the slate with Solomon and Rodman.