Cruise through the 2020 highlights of Oro Valley in this fast-paced video

Who We Are

We created in 2017 to speak for the residents of Oro Valley.  Why?  Because at that time, Oro Valley’s seven council members were simply out of touch with the community. This video illustrates the reason for our motivation:

  • We Speak for You

    The good news: We elected a new Mayor and three new councilmembers in August 2018.  They are listening and working to meet the needs of the community.

    More good news: We elected another resident-centric councilmember in Aug2020, giving us 5 of 7 councilmembers who see the needs of the residents as more important than continuous development.
    We’re proud to have Tim Bohen now representing us, in addition to Mayor Joe Winfield, Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett, and councilmembers Joyce Jones-Ivey and Josh Nicolson.