Mayor Winfield’s 9-27-19 Golf Motion

Vote: 6-1 in favor

Motion by Mayor Joseph C. Winfield  to have the conditions presented in support of the 36 hole golf option be evaluated by staff and that staff includes in the pro-forma the sales tax revenue generated from golf, $175,000, and the report shall be completed and placed on a Council agenda no later than October 2, 2019.

Conditions for 36 hole golf option:

  • Operate as a municipal public course with a membership model that welcomes outside play
  • Have tax subsidy of no more than $750,000 annually
  • Membership rates are raised 10% by January 1, 2020, to reflect the membership revenue projected in the Troon 36-hole proforma
  • Make tee times available for all 36 holes as indicated by Troon to maximize outside play and increase revenue by $175,000, and include monthly measurable targets and penalties if not achieved
  • Needed capital improvements implemented on a pay-as-you-go basis; focusing first on the 18 hole Conquistador course from the Community Center sales tax fund or the General Fund with support for starting on the Conquistador side since the land is owned by the Town
  • If the Community Center sales tax funds can’t cover the pay-as-you-go improvements, then discussion can begin about utilizing the General Fund. If General Fund monies are used, then golf repairs will need to compete with the other priorities of the community
  • Close the Overlook restaurant and that an alternative food service vendor operate a coffee/sandwich shop at ground level consistent with municipal golf course food service operations
  • Reduce Troon’s contract expenses by 5% beginning January 1, 2020
  • Address concerns with the proposed HOA financial offers. Concerns include:¬† terms of precedent to neighborhoods paying additional fees for amenities, target this revenue towards the future of youth or other incentive programs; discuss incentives or matching programs to improve the revenue stream and long term viability of the courses
  • Establish measurable and time sensitive targets for revenue, rounds played and memberships to monitor the viability of operating and maintaining the 36 holes of golf
  • Become an enterprise that meets the $750,000 threshold or better
  • Have a viable plan in place to transition to an 18-hole golf course if the $750,000 tax subsidy threshold is exceeded for two consecutive years
  • Preserve open space in perpetuity by putting zoning in place that protects the interest of the Town